Panasonic Air Conditioning Units for Home and Small Office Installation
Posted by MatthewCarron, 01/05/2016 10:39 pm

Summer is imminent and due to global warming, it is getting hotter year by year. Even on being inside your home, there is a scarce escape from the heat and dust of the season. As summers are becoming more dreadful, the best alternative is to think of air conditioning your interiors, for which Panasonic is a popular choice.


There are various models of Panasonic air conditioning units available in the market, and being a global brand, it will not be difficult for you to find an authorized Panasonic dealer in town. The requirement of domestic air conditioning varies from case to case based on the total space to be covered, features needed, power consumption etc. When it comes to commercial cooling, it can be a different affair. Visit for more information. 


Panasonic is in the air conditioning industry for many decades now, and has established as one of the most trusted names in this arena. Also known for its environmental friendly features, Panasonic products are light on the consumer pockets too. Based on your budget, need, and style preferences, one can easily find an adequate Panasonic air conditioning unit to bring home before next summer.



 The brand value


Panasonic is a renowned brand in consumer electronics field from 1918 onwards. Over nearly a century now, the company had carved its own niche in the consumer products industry. Customers across the globe trust this brand and the company’s mission of “A Better Life, A Better World” is so popular now. The Green Globe initiatives of Panasonic had also brought in a lot of accolades to the brand. 


Panasonic Air conditioners


There are endless collections of air conditioners from Panasonic now there at stores as well as to be ordered through online. The major classifications are;

  •   Split air conditioners
  •   Commercial air conditioners
  •   VRF
  •   Cube air conditioners etc.


With advanced remote control operations and sleek designs, all new model Panasonic ACs have top-end features including;

  •   Easy installation
  •   Odor removal functions
  •   Auto start and cut-off
  •   Soft dry operation
  •   Automatic timer
  •   Dew and mist prevention
  •   Easy clean panels
  •   Anti-freezing control
  •   Easy maintenance


Split air conditioners are the most popular models of Panasonic air conditioners, which are used for residential purposes. It can be installed on to the ceiling or walls of bedrooms or living space. These ACs can evenly distribute air to all corners of the room. The premium models of Panasonic ACs have advanced features like;


  •   Anti-bacterial filter - Along with offering clean air, it can filter out any potential allergens and harmful microorganisms in the air.
  •   Odor removal function – Panasonic used a unique odor removal technology, which ensures that neutral air circulates across the room.
  •   Super-tropical compressor - Panasonic air conditioners use this mighty compressor developed in-house, which offer ultimate cooling impact even on the hottest summer days.


Cube air conditioners are one of the most innovative models from Panasonic now, which are more like the window ACs, but are highly stylish to go along well with the modern-day interior design concepts.

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